What Do Dreams Mean?

the-fogI’m always wonder what my dreams mean.  They all seem so real!   Sometimes I awake remembering everything about the dream and I write it in my journal.

I’ve had the same dream since I was in my 30’s.  I would be  chased by someone I didn’t know who,  and I was running and running, and  I would wake up  out of breathe.

Recently, I found a list that comes so close  to what I feel my dreams mean.  I would like to share it.  Maybe you have the same dreams.  FYI – You will read different versions of dreams but I like and believe this one.

What does being chased mean:

If your being chased in your dreams it can indicate you may feel you have a lot of responsibilities.  You’re having a hard time keeping up which may cause stress.  Well, I know it causes stress.  This dream may mean you need to relax, and slow down the pace.

I have find a way to escape the stress.  I go to my room lay down on the floor, and close my eyes with my hands on my stomach, taking  deep breathes. Not only does this help, but you are stretching your back at the same time.  Also, going for a walk and talking to God really helpful.

I will be listing more dream interpretations soon.


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