Mom & Dad Have An Angel in the House His Name is Cody a Pomeranian

I once mentioned that dogs are great for senior adults.  I want to stress this.

Both my parents are not well.  I’m their daughter and caregiver and I have a little black Pomeranian named Cody.  He gets so much attention and he has gotten very spoiled.  My mother has dementia and my dad does as well.  In fact, my father just got out of the hospital.  He had a blockage in his foot that was caused by his heart.  These visits are getting closer and closer together.

At one time, my mom once would of never let a dog in the house.  Now, she is in love with Cody and Cody can do no wrong.  She is very protective of him.  I tell her not to feed him.  I’ll see her sneaking food to him when I’m not watching.  Dad eats TV dinners.  He loves TV dinners!  When he’s done the rest goes to Cody.

Cody has become their conversation and their attention.  Mom’s always tells me, “Cody loves me.  He sits by my chair all the time!”

I’ll find my mom chasing the little dog around the house or, I hear her going “gee, gee….., and laughing.”   It’s so funny.

Cody,  has brought such happiness in the house.  Once, I was worried that I would have to give him away.  Of course, that would never happen.  I know that I want have to worry if I go see my son for Christmas.  Usually I  have to pay an arm and leg to have a kennel keep him.  No Longer.

It’s so much fun watching my parents looking so happy and attached to something.  At least, living is fun for them now.  Their both 83, and I’m afraid their time is coming closer and closer to the end.  We’re going tomorrow to a funeral home so they can sign up for a plan.  This is not fun for me.

In the meantime, I can watch with smile as my mom chases a little black Pomeranian around the room.   I  know there is an Angel in the house and that is very comforting.


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