You Ask Me If I Believe In Miracles? Yes, Indeed I do!

I’ve really been roughing it since I lost my job August 2008.  Working odd jobs, temp jobs and whatever I could find.  Then I decided to tap in on my dream, which I have been thinking of for a long time.  since 1989.  as start your own little business.  Something that’s yours.  So I did start my small eBay business. Then the unexpected happened.

My dad had a fatale accident and ended in the hospital and nursing home.  The accident aggregated his Dementia.    The next quick change in my life?  I moved in with my parents to be their caregiver   I quit the small job I had, turned in my notice to the  apartments, and moved to the folks.  The only money I have is what I make from eBay.

It hasn’t been easy here.  I’ve slowly developed osteoarthritis in my feet,  and I have Bipolar.   I go to a mental clinic to get free medicine and blood work.  It was a godsend when I found this place.  I found  that if you look hard enough there will be help out there. You just have to look.  It’s not going to come to you.   Most are government ran.  But I did it and so can you.

The only thing I don’t have help with is my osteo.

I have recently filed for bankruptcy and yesterday I was worried about  paying the first installment on it.   I’ve let my eBay store slide now.  I couldn’t afford the fees.

Now, just out of the blue sky, my God answered another prayer for me.  I got a call from the Social Security Disability people and found how that I have been approved for disability.  I couldn’t believe it.  They put me through the ringer and they did a lot investigations.  They found that I was a good candidate for disability.    You know what my dad said?  “Well when are you going to start paying rent?”  I couldn’t believe he said that.  I’m living there so he want have to go to a nursing home.  That’s what will happen if I leave.   I don’t ask my parents for anything.   I filed for bankruptcy and then my my sprint phone got cut off.   But you know what? Everything is going to be okay.  I have my Angels and my God on my side.   I BELIEVE


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