Miracles Do Happen – Just Believe

Praying_Hands020Remember in my last blog I said you just have to believe that a miracle will happen?  I got a phone call yesterday after some hard praying and talking to my angels.  I asked for help in guidance and sanity to find the money to help me work harder to pay for what’s coming.

I got a call from that angel in the name of SSI.  That’s Social Security Supplement Insurance.  I heard her say “You’ve been approved.”  I’ve been approved?  I asked her if she was kidding me?  No one calls you on Saturday from the Social Security place.  She , “I do.”   I almost started crying and told her she was what I’ve been praying  for and that today she was my angel.

Angel’s come in every shape and form.  Sometimes it’s just a whisper.  Today, it was a telephone call.  I must be doing something right.  She said I had been approved to start receiving supplemental income and then in a few weeks I will start receiving my Disability.

I have been living off my piggy bank, the money I make on eBay, which is that much, and sometimes my mom sneaks in my room and drops a $10 or 20 in the  piggy bank.

My phone had been turned off since I haven’t been able to pay it so I called my brother and asked it he wouldn’t mind calling my son for me.  But first, I told him the news.  All I got was, “Maybe I should try and get it.”   I think he was jealous for some reason.  It’s been that way between us for a long time.  I felt like saying, “Well if you want all my pains of osteoarthritis, bipolar, diverticulitis, hepatitis c and so on you can have it.”  My Dad asked me when I was going to start paying rent.  I’ve lived there for 7 months now as their caregiver – taking care of  both m and them then ask me for rent.

My loving mom asked me what I was going to buy first.  I said, “Ink for my printer so I can print out my invoices. Pay my sprint bill, so I can call my son,  pay my bankruptcy payment, take my dog to the vet, and then to the groomers.    Oh, I should buy some clothes that fit me.   All other monies is going in savings for a trip to see my son and grand babies for Christmas.

Just remember to always believe and just your instinct and believe in prayer.  Don’t give up!Praying_Hands020


2 thoughts on “Miracles Do Happen – Just Believe

    • Thank you. I have many stories and all are true. Sometimes I hit roadblocks and have to call our or ask God to contact the Angels to help me out. I had a close contact once and since then I listen and feel for my purpose.

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