My Guardian Angel Was Playing Tricks

I have believed in My Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide for a long time.  I can’t believe anything else or explain some of the things that have happened.   I thought things would change when I moved in with my parents to take care of them.

I can’t believe that I’m crazy all the time.  Really, can a person lose things all the time?   I have it one minute and gone the next – it just drives me crazy.  Today, I couldn’t find my remote to the TV.  I had it first thing this morning when I turned the TV on.  Then later it was gone.  I spend all more looking for the remote.  I mean everywhere!  I even tore the bed up looking for it.  Then I just said forget it.  It’ll show up.  I had to stop because I was getting ready to have an anxiety attack.

I sat down to watch TV.  As I reach over to get my water I happen to look down and there was the remote.  I had looked there!  I had moved my kleenex, makeup case and picked up some trash.  It was not there then!  But now, there it was!  How do you explain that?  I just said, okay Grace why are you playing tricks?

Grace is the name I gave my Guardian angel.  I believe she looks just like the picture in my blog.  I also have an animal spirit guide – a wolf.  His name is Wolf Dreams.  I believe in my Native American heritage so this is what I believe.

Just the day before my mom couldn’t find her comb for 2 days.  We both searched her room up and down.  This afternoon, mom came in my room, “You won’t believe this!  My comb! My comb was laying in front of the dresser!”   I just looked at her with my mouth open.  I was stunned.

Hopefully, this also means that Grace has come back and is watching over my mom and me.  Lord, we need it.   Thank you God for giving her to me.


3 thoughts on “My Guardian Angel Was Playing Tricks

  1. Aloha everybody, wonderul site I find It very accommodating and its helped me out a lot
    I hope to give something back and assist other users like this message board has helped me


    • Thank you very much! I write how I feel and sometimes it’s not much and other times words just flow out of my mouth. I don’t know what I’m going to say until my fingers hit the keyboard

      Thank you

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