A New Path Has Opened Up For Me.

There for a while I felt there was nothing out there for me.  The days were just so slow but at the same time they were going by with nothing to show for it.  I would wake up each morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  I’d check my email and then what? ” What do I do today?”  Well there’s nothing to do when you don’t have a car.  Unless you want to spend the money on a cab.

I had to ask myself what do I love to do and that”s photography and travel.  I use to do this when I was younger.  I would travel alone to New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona a lot.  So much beauty out there!  I would always stay weeks at a time.  Then something happen – I became ill.   Everything came to a halt.  So I have done nothing except try to take care of myself. I have Bipolar, and I do not wish it on anyone.  I haven’t had a relationship in 8 years, because I’ve been trying to have a relationship with myself.

One day, I was searching on the  internet under hobbies, and once again came across photography.  I found this group for photographers who meet and go on trips.  I joined and it has motivated me so much that I splurged on a new Nikon D5100.  I love it!  I was using a point and shoot, but it wasn’t giving me the shots or gratification I wanted.

Now, every day I go out early in the morning with my dog and take pictures of birds, scenery, and anything that moves.  I even submitted a photograph to a juried art show.  Too much competition, but I did it.

It fees so good to have something again that challenges me yet gives me the satisfaction I’ve been looking for.

I’m starting a blog with my photographs to tell how I took the pictures.